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The heronry

The other day at a local event I did a quiz and one of the questions was about a heronry. I’d never heard of a heronry before. All the herons I’ve seen have been on their own sitting or wading by rivers. Apparently they come together in the breeding season (April) and build their nests in trees.

Next year I intend to go to one of our local heronries to see them – a flock of very large birds sitting on large nests in the branches of tall trees must be quite a sight. I suspect it will also be noisy.

I also wondered what the heronry is like now – abandoned, untidy, silent?  It made me think in terms of haiku.

This is the result of my thinking:

In the heronry
abandoned nests now fill with
the gold of fallen leaves.


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6 thoughts on “The heronry

  1. This is so subtle … loved it … a beautiful piece !!!


  2. Very visual writing. Sounds like it would be a nice sight.


  3. Beautiful written, Haiku.. very beautiful image. I never have heard of a Heronry either, but I have see a heron’s nest in a tree in the breeding season, what was a surprise because I never gave it a thought they breed in trees.


    • Thank you. I’m glad you liked the haiku. I’m looking forward to visiting a heronry next spring. I’m not sure how close I’ll be able to get, I wouldn’t want to disturb them, but I expect the conservation people will have some advice on that.


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