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The dark autumn night

Today’s haiku prompt is actually a tan renga, a form of poetry written by two poets – the first part is a haiku by one poet and the last two lines to complete the poem are by another.

The first three lines of this poem are by Lothar and the last two are my attempt at a completion.

this dark autumn night
the bright stars of milky way
cries of geese above;

below, owlcall through woodland
of leafless, frost-coated trees.

Lothar’s poem didn’t come from nowhere. It was apparently written in response to an earlier haiku prompt. Even something simple like a haiku can develop a history.


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18 thoughts on “The dark autumn night

  1. beautiful done! I love the set. This reminds me of the days I would write Re nga’s with other poets .
    groetjes Francina


  2. i feel a winter chill coming on and a wonderful completion. thanks.


  3. You two lines are excellent additions.


  4. Lovely completion….I was especially delighted by the owl


  5. jazzbumpa on said:

    You took it from fall into winter.



  6. A great completion… Owls belong in the woodland..


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