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30 Day Book Challenge

So far I haven’t taken much notice of the various blogging challenges – not because they aren’t interesting but because I don’t think I could follow them properly.

However, I’ve now found one I could try. It is the Thirty Day Book Challenge.

There are thirty questions to be answered, at the rate of one a day if possible. I doubt if I could keep up that pace, particularly not while I’m moving house, so I will endeavour to do one a week starting tomorrow.

I found a useful list of the questions and other interesting stuff on a lovely blog called Snobbery. The link below will take you there.

30 Day Book Challenge.


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8 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge

  1. I just posted my first “batch” today! I am doing one a day, but combining them into one post, since I personally do not want to overload my readers. Here’s my post for days 1-7:


    When do you think you’ll start?


    • Thank you for the link. Your answers gave me food for thought – I haven’t read most of those books but some of them sound like they’re worth a try.
      You reminded me of H G Wells’ ‘Invisible Man’. I read it as a teenager and, though I can’t remember it well now, I know I enjoyed it at the time. I think I would consider it young adult and may revisit it for those questions in the Challenge.
      I look forward to reading the rest of your answers.


      • Thanks! With The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells, I had expected more of a happy-go-lucky invisible man, not a cold hearted person. Which could be why I was not impressed with the novel.

        I’m not usually the type of person who will read a synopsis of a book because I am terrified that someone will give something away, even if it’s a small piece, but in this case, I might have enjoyed the novel more if I knew the plot.

        And on the YA note, I’m not sure if it is! I just know it’s a classic! 🙂


      • Thank you for your reply. I suspect that in Wells’ day there was no such thing as YA fiction – you went from childhood to adulthood with no stops in between.
        You made me think about synopses – I don’t like extensive ones but always read the blurb on the back of a book, so usually have some idea of what it’s about. I don’t know what it’s like to read something with no pre-knowledge. I must try it one day.


      • I prefer to read without prior knowledge! Normally I find it provides many surprises. But it can go wrong, as it did with The Invisible Man for me.


      • I must try the no knowledge read sometime, though I suspect I’ll find it difficult to resist reading the back cover.


  2. Sounds great and I’m sure you can do that challenge! Good wishes for moving house.
    Ciao, Francina


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