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Have Any Questions About Fortnum’s Bees?

This afternoon I spent some time trying to show a large and buzzy bumble bee how to leave my living room, that he’d entered by mistake, and return to the garden. Unfortunately he didn’t understand my directions.

I have read that bees don’t use sound to communicate but give each other instructions by doing a waggle dance. Even if I’d known the right waggle for ‘the door is behind you’ I doubt if he’d have realised that was what I was trying to convey – my dancing skills just aren’t that good.

Eventually, after flying round and round and banging his head against the window, he took a rest on a stair-tread and I was able to trap him in the spider jar, and carry him outside. Spiders are much easier to return to the great outdoors.

When I came across this post a little while later, it reminded me of my bee.

Have Any Questions About Fortnum’s Bees?.

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