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30 Day Book Challenge – day 2: What is your least favourite book?

Another more or less unanswerable challenge. There are a several books I’ve not been able to finish for various reasons, and there are several that I’ve read and not liked. So I should have a choice of what to write about. Trouble is that books I don’t like also prove forgettable.

Patrick Gale cover artOf books I’ve read recently, The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale was one I had to work hard to finish. I didn’t particularly dislike it – just couldn’t see the point of it.

The two main characters attempt to rekindle something they had for each other years ago, but whatever didn’t work the first time round, doesn’t this time either. Unfortunately, I felt that instead of being tragic or even sad, the outcome was ‘so what’.

A book that I didn’t like and didn’t finish was It by Stephen King. I read less than a quarter and gave up – too much Stephen King cover artdodging about in time with too many important characters and none of them particularly empathetic. Plus it was not at all scary. A creature living under a town and attacking the children ought to be terrifying, but this one wasn’t – or not to me anyway. Maybe if I’d stuck with it, I’d have come to appreciate it, but life’s too short to try the almost impossible.

My memory says there are plenty of others I gave up on, but it refuses to produce their titles. Is this a well-trained memory dropping stuff it doesn’t need, or intimations of old age?

Cover art from Goodreads.


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