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It snowed today. snowy scene
It will melt tomorrow.
Nature decides.


Here today gone tomorrow

snow sceneThe sun is shining so hard today it’s difficult to remember that everything was white with snow less than a week ago.

I took this picture last time we had snow, I no longer have a pampas grass to catch snowflakes and hold them up to be admired.

The white beauty lasted longer then; this year it was only decorating the garden for two days.

I’ve written haiku about snow before but it’s a subject that lends itself to the lightness of  very short poems.

Today the garden
is lovely with snow, but will it
last ’til tomorrow.

A tangka for a cold day

Today has been a sunny day where I am, but cold; the forecast lately has promised snow, but it hasn’t actually arrived. My meditations on the subject of snow ended with this tangka.


Fine snow falls slowly
onto the old, cracked tarmac –
gently, politely.
The road can’t resent this slight
covering, too thin for comfort.


Picture from Pixabay.

Traces of an urban fox

pawprints in snowIn the towns and cities around where I live we have a lot of urban foxes. They’re not tame, but are used to humans, and I’ve often seen them trotting down the street. They move with a special grace and elegance.

I never saw the fox that made these prints. He/she visited our street several times but always while we were asleep – it if weren’t for the snow we wouldn’t have known.

The simplicity of the prints and the ephemeralness of the creature made me think of haiku.

A dozen pawprints
in new snow: the only trace
of our neighbourhood fox.

For the love of haiku – joyful

Once again there is a fascinating collection of haiku on the Carpe Diem site. Also a lot of links to some lovely poetry on the subject of ‘joyful’.

I found this a difficult prompt, but one well worth trying.

New snowflakes swirl over

the lawn. The snowman’s smile:

broad and joyful.

Haiku for a cold day

From the cloud filled sky:
a few snowflakes. From the park:
children’s gleeful shouts.

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