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The benefit of rain

bricks and path

The path after days
of rain – a geometry
of mossy neatness.


Those little things we love to jump in

Today’s haiku challenge from Carpe Diem is ‘puddles’.

Puddles are friendly little things; didn’t you love to jump in them when you were a bit younger than you are now? I did, and I also loved their mirrorness when they reflected the surroundings, particularly me as I leaned over them to look (I was a vain child and always enjoyed my reflection).

But puddles are junior members of a big family and may be practising to grow up like their big brothers – floods. After all the rain we’ve had, floods are on a lot of minds in southern England, so I find puddles a very apt prompt.

Carpe Diem gives, as usual, some wonderful examples of haiku to inspire us. Here is my result:

Falling rain all day,
uneven pathway – puddles
reflecting moonlight.

Poetry about …

I’ve been watching the fencing part of the Olympic Women’s Modern Pentathlon. It occurred to me to see if the wonderful World Wide Web has any poems about fencing.

Of course it does. I found several, most not really worth reading, though I liked ‘Fencing: A Poem’ on the blog Tower Review. It contains a good many technical words, most of which I don’t understand, but which add to the mood of professionalism.

Of course ‘fencing’ has another meaning and thinking of this reminded me of ‘The Mending Wall‘ by one of my favourite poets, Robert Frost, in which there is the famous line about good fencing making good neighbours. Mixing the two meanings up could have some interesting neighbourly results.

A google of ‘pentathlon’ didn’t produce much but did take me to website Toto Poetry: A Poetry Dictionary, which has some very modern examples.

Finally, in honour of this summer’s weather, I googled for poems about rain – and was inundated. Quite a number of the poems were in praise of the stuff. An example is Vikram Pratap Singh’s ‘Rain, Rain, Rain’ which starts:

Rain, Rain, Rain, come again and again,

Looking at how green my garden is this year, I don’t completely disagree.

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