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30 Day Book Challenge – day 29: An author I completely avoid

519O1fDZq+LThere are a number of authors I don’t bother reading and would only read if there was nothing else available, but ‘completely avoid’ is a bit extreme.

I think Patricia Cornwell would be one of them, unless she changes what she writes to something a bit less detailed and forensic. She’s a good writer and with other subject matter might be an OK for me.

Dennis Wheatley is a writer I’ve no time for. I’ve only read a couple of his books, and those a long time ago. I thought them potentially exciting but too wordy to hold my attention and the attitudes he had are no longer relevant.

I don’t see myself reading any Ian Fleming – spying as a subject doesn’t interest me, though I might have a go at a John Le Carré novel one day. I’ve seen the Alec Guinness portrayals of Smiley and enjoyed them, so I might like the books.

I don’t believe in saying ‘never’. Just as my interests change over time, so do those of writers; someone whose work I don’t like at present may well start doing something I can’t wait to read.


30 Day Book Challenge – day 28: A book I wish I’d never read

Post-Mortem-HungarySome years ago I read a book by Patricia Cornwell. She has written several books about her fictional medical examiner, Dr Kay Scarpetta, and is popular with crime fiction readers.

I can’t now remember which of the books I read. It was certainly well written with a complex plot, active characters and convincing detail – all the things I usually love in a crime novel.

But I didn’t like this one. The detail was too much and too blood and guts for my taste; I really don’t want to know the ins and outs of post-mortems. Also the main character really annoyed me. She seemed to take offence at almost everything and to act illogically at important points in the plot.

Usually I’m willing to step far outside my reading comfort zone and have often been surprised at how rewarding it is. Not this time. Many people enjoy Ms Cornwell’s books, but they just aren’t for me, and I doubt if I’ll ever try another.

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