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Wandering about

When I opened my blog this morning I realised that it is well over a month since I posted anything. So I have made a new New Year resolution – to post more frequently. The exercise routine resolution is already not happening, so I hope this new one will be more successful.


On the other hand, I have done a lot of reading, most of which is recorded in Goodreads.
Listing my reading in Goodreads is very useful; browsing back through my previous entries I find that I often forget what I’ve read and need a reminder.

Pulsar webzine

On the submissions front I’ve had a few successes so far this year. Pulsar, a longstanding online magazine, has published one of my poems and you can find it among a group of great poems, ostensibly for March but on line now.

Paragraph Planet

Paragraph Planet, an online flash magazine, has taken one of my very short tales (to read it you have to scroll through the archive to Jan 31). In case you aren’t familiar with this site, it publishes a 75 word story every day and some of them are really amazing – so much said in such a little space.

I’ve also had a couple of acceptances and am waiting for actual publication.

Good luck to anyone else on the submissions circuit and to anyone thinking of starting it – it can be fun.


A new writing project

I’ve just come across a new writing project that is part of the Brighton Digital Festival. It’s call Geo-writing, run by Paragraph Planet.

It sounds great, people roaming around Brighton during the festival get prompts and each write 300 words of a story. When all are done someone sorts them and publishes at least some of them. Further details from the websites (links above).

I suspect that the editors will have a mammoth task. Making sense of hundreds of paragraphs from different people and deciding what order they go in, could be a lot of work. Enjoyable though.

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