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Leontia Flynn ‘Profit and Loss’

Every three months I get a lovely Jiffy-bagged packet form The Poetry Book Society with a newly published book of poetry.

Their book choice is often of a new-to-me poet. This time it was Leontia Flynn.

When I first started reading I thought that this might be one of the few PBS choices that I wouldn’t want to keep. But I was dead wrong. The more I read, the more I found in it, the more I loved it.

Now I’ve reached the end and am starting to reread all the poems again – a careful, slower read, savouring her rhythms and ideas.

She does one of the things I think poetry is best at: taking the everyday and making it important. Anyone who can write about lost Post-it Notes and greasy ovens and make them exciting, even beautiful, has a powerful gift.


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