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One of life’s pleasures – a guided tour

P1020860_2One of my favourite activities is going on a guided tour: never mind of what, any tour thrills me. Houses, gardens, cemeteries, caves, farms, factories, warehouses, exhibitions – all reveal their specialness under the leadership of a knowledgeable guide.

There you are in the company of a group of like-minded people, most of whom are out to enjoy themselves and hence are showing the nicest sides of their characters. Your guide points out features of the terrain you would never have noticed unguided and lets you in on snippets of history and its secrets:

… and here, concealed in the globe, is the hiding place of the first Lord X’s will leaving everything to his gardener.

There are numerous tours possible in your average town, most of them well supported, so I’m not alone in my appreciation.

My most recent one was a behind the scenes look at a library – books and store-rooms, old manuscripts and new purchases, the original chief librarian’s room and miles of stacks and corridors and staircases. Is there a better way of spending a couple of hours?


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