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St David’s Day


Today is the day of the patron saint of the Land of Song. If patrons matched their countries he should be known for his music, but patron-sainthood is bestowed by historical accident rather than logic. David seems to have been famous for preaching, founding a monastery and being a bishop.

Actually not much is known about him, but the National Museum of Wales has an article I found interesting.

When I was living and working in Wales our canteen used to serve a special meal of cockles, laverbread (a kind of seaweed) and bacon. We all ate it and thanked the cook for it, but I can’t recommend it.

The little girls wear their national costume to school, but I don’t think the boys have one. I haven’t sounded off about men’s lib on this blog before, but I think clothing is one area they need it. Why don’t the boys have something special to wear for the special day? Do they mind taking second place to their sisters?

I took the picture from the Visit Cardiff website which advertises a parade another chance to dress up, for adults and children, at the St David’s Day parade.

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