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30 Day Book Challenge – day 27: A book I’d write if I had the resources

Arvon bookMy dream book is factual not fiction.

If I had the resources I’d write a biography of some historical person who has had a great deal of effect on the modern world, but who has either been overlooked by biographers or misunderstood. I’d prefer someone from an interesting period in an exotic location.

The resources I’d need would be considerable: the main one is time.

So I’m looking for plenty of time to read up on history and identify my person. If they weren’t English speaking I’d need time to learn at least some of their language. Time figures again in locating information on them and any relevant documents like letters, diaries etc.

Some serious historical knowledge about their period would require reading again, and possibly taking a course or two (or several).

Then I’d have to have money for travel and for taking those courses as well as buying books.

Am I within the realms of possibility? Can I write my dream book?

Did my overlooked and misunderstood subject even live? And if they did, is there any trace of them that a biographer could use? Whoever invented the wheel, the pot and the plough made the modern world, but their names and life-stories have disappeared and no amount of resources will produce a book about them.

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