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Ferocious effort

Soft toy

This little fellow comes from a museum in Holland, but I can’t recall which museum or what exhibition he was part of.

I was browsing through some old photos and came across him. I know why I kept his picture. He’s trying so hard and getting so cross in the process – a familiar experience.

The picture reminded me of a poem by Josephine Miles that I stumbled across recently called Effort for Distraction. The full poem is on the Poetry Foundation site, but it’s the first verse is what really suits.

Effort for distraction grew
Ferocious, grew
Ferocious and paced, that was its exercise.

I don’t know what our little creature was working on, but I do hope he was successful.



Set for a wedding

Wandering round a park in Rotterdam, we came across this garden. It looks as if it’s been decked out for a wedding. There was no one around and it was getting late in the afternoon, so the wedding had either finished today or would happen tomorrow. We’ll never know. But we can still wish them a happy life together.

A Garden set for a Wedding

Looking out towards the Park

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