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Clouds and poetry online and off


Clouds over central France. Photo by AlanD.

My current bedside table book is The Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney.

I love the whole book: the text that ranges from technical explanations to poetic outbursts, the woodcut-style illustrations that start each section and the summary pages – so useful for a quick revision when a mass of white fluff floats above, defying me to name and classify its parts.

Visiting the Cloud Appreciation Society website, I found enthusiasm for all things cloud, fascinating information and, of course, a mass of spectacular photos.

And there are cloud-poetry pages. Most are in English but there is also a page for Italian Cloud Poetry. I wonder if Italians have a particular affinity for clouds.

On the English pages I admired Ernesto Vargas Rueda‘s poem about possibilities which ends

a dream
could be
ready to condense.

Sue Shaw in If Clouds were Blue has some interesting speculations and a lot of humour.

These are a couple I picked out from the more recently posted. There pages of others to browse through.


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