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The quiet flowers of spring

Grape hyacinth

Muscari in April

It’s that time of year when road verges, commons and any other piece of public land local councils can decorate are yellow and flamboyant with frilly daffodils.

I love them. Not only do they remind me of Wordsworth (always a nice remind), but they make a raucous statement that spring is here and all things are new.

Beside the daffs the quiet, modest flowers, are also doing their job making parks and gardens beautiful – winter aconites, primroses, snowdrops and grape hyacinths (Muscari) and others.

I did a web search on ‘poetry about Muscari’ not really expecting anything, and found this lovely quote by Carl Sandberg:

Poetry is the synthesis between hyacinths & biscuits.

I also found a copy of G K Chesterton’s The Paradise of Thieves, which starts:

The great Muscari, most original of the young Tuscan poets, walked swiftly into his favourite restaurant…

Everything in the world has someone to write about it.


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