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Still brightening my garden


I went away for a few days this month. November setting in – cold, wind, rain – the usual.

But on my return I found this calendula still flowering, making a tiny pocket of orange sunshine in its corner of the garden.

Flowers often look fragile, but they can be tough.


Late summer flowers

Version 2

Flowers the colour
of flame, echo the sun. Soon
the season will change.

Haiku challenge number 396 – Fujiidera

Today’s prompt from Carpe Diem is actually three words: rhododendron, chrysanthemum and kingfisher. I have only managed to use one of them; all my attempts to include all sounded ridiculous or very false.

On the window-sill,
a crystal vase holds water
and chrysanthemums.

I have to admit chrysanths are not one of my favourite flowers. They’re nice among other flowers in a border and they look good in a vase, but I don’t understand the importance they seem to have in Japanese culture.

I think the perfume is important to some people, but I have a very poor sense of smell so can’t get excited about scent unless it’s very strong.

Rhododendrons are different. I really admire their flowers and when I was a kid I used to love running under the green bushes in a park and looking at the shapes made by the branches.

But the kingfisher’s beauty outshines both.

Haiku challenge on dandelions (dent-de-lion flowers)

Visit Carpe Diem for some fascinating dandelion facts and some lovely haiku. Here is my attempt:

I didn’t plant those

lion’s teeth flowers, but still

rejoice to see them.

For the love of haiku – rouge flower

Once again Carpe Diem has given us a challenge and a lead – this time to the understanding of the simplicity of a thing’s true nature.

I hesitate to try this challenge with the example of haiku master Chiyo-ni in front of me, but here goes:

dew on the daisy,

dew on the rouge flower, who

can tell them apart?

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