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Connections and commenters


I’ve finally got my act together enough to check my most frequent commenters and pass on the Commenter Award.

The commenter list changes often, so this is just a snapshot of it’s state today. In no particular order the frequent commenters are:

Somersaulting through Life

Hank at Spacenoodles

Seasons and Impressions

Silently Heard Once

Oldstick’s Blog

Jueseppi B at Obamacrat

According to the rules I could nominate one more of my choice, but I can’t choose so I will leave the seventh position blank.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who visit my blog. Your ‘likes’ and comments are greatly appreciated. You are a lovely, friendly, supportive group of people.


Comments and awards

One of the great things about blogging is the ability to interact with the author and other readers through the comments system. In fact this feature of blogging has spread far and wide – almost all the websites I visit have a section set up as a blog where visitors can leave their opinions. It makes the web a much friendlier place.

In recognition of this there is a Commenter Award. I was  thrilled and surprised when the lovely lady at Seasons and Impressions tagged me to receive it. The way it’s done is that the most frequent commenters on your blog get the tag. More details can be found here.

It’s a lovely way to recognise those who participate in discussions, but I am having to give it a lot of thought. All my commenters, whether frequent or not, leave such interesting and thoughtful comments.

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