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30 Day Book Challenge – day 22: Favourite series

I love series books and read a lot of them. I can’t really say I have a favourite. Which comes top of the list depends on my mood and what I’m reading at the moment.

Anthony Trollope’s Barchester books appeal to me if I want something weighty; Agatha Christie’s Poirot does when I want a quick light read.

Recently I’ve read several books in the Dr Siri crime series by Colin Cotterill. Dr Siri is a somewhat 2251069reluctant coroner in Laos, so in addition to the who-dunit aspect we get an interesting and exotic location. The books are not meant to be taken seriously – Dr Siri can see ghosts and gets help from them – occasionally. They are the sort of quirky impossibility tales that I lap up when I’m in the mood for pure entertainment. However, I have learned a lot from them about Laos, a country about which I previously knew next to nothing. Learning something new is an added bonus.

2171847Another group of novels I can recall really enjoying years ago was the Hooded Swan science fiction series by Brian Stableford. Apparently Stableford set out to create a lead character who was a pacificist anti-hero and in my opinion he succeeded – his character, Grainger, is an unfriendly, sarcastic space pilot involved in a series of adventures against his will and in which he participates reluctantly. Reading the article in Wikipedia brought me up short as it made me realise that I’ve forgotten the details of several of the books, but the last one lingers with its strange ‘death’ of Grainger’s mind symbiont.

There are so many good series, I can’t mention all those I’ve enjoyed over the years.

Pics of both from goodreads.

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