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Post-Christmas thoughts

Today is twelfth night (at least where I come from) and as I was taking down decorations and sorting cards, I was stopped by a lovely picture of poinsettias.

It occurred to me that the holly and the ivy (and I have several nice pics of them this year) are very well established with poems and carols to call their own, but what about poinsettia? These days it’s found its way into Christmas big time – on cards and wrapping paper; for sale in florists and supermarkets; but it doesn’t crop up in the choirboys’ repertoire.

A bit of googling found me a number of websites with short poems and one with a charming legend as well. One surprise was from Queensland, Oz which shows that poinsettias aren’t just for December (although what they’re doing in Australia in June I’m not sure).

None of these poems are as well-known as the holly and ivy ones and, as far as I know, none has been set to music, but at least the flower’s contribution to our Christmas iconography has been recognised in print.

I decided to add my own two pence worth to the recognition.

They remind me of
home, your poinsettias;
red stars of Christmas.


Merry Christmas

I’m typing this to the sound of church bells, one of my favourite sounds; it gives me a feel of cheerfulness.Arbol_Navidad_03

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas. If it’s not a festival you keep, I hope you’re having a lovely day doing something else. If you’re alone, I wish you  a peaceful, cosy time with joyful thoughts to keep you company.

Not everyone is happy today – often with very good reason. May being surrounded by celebration  be a comfort to them.

Picture by Jorge Barrios from Wikimedia.

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