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Visiting bees

A summery challenge from Carpe Diem this time, inspired by blogger Laura Williams.

My garden is full of bees at present, so I give them a little mention.

Afternoon: baked still
by sun. Even the quaking grass
is motionless. But
the lavender bush shivers,
jostled by tiger-striped bees.


Tips For Creating A Bee-Friendly Garden

As we get going on seasonal planting etc, now is the time to consider our fellow creatures.

Romancing the Bee

Alys Fowler Alys Fowler

Top tips for creating a bee-friendly garden this spring by TV presenter Alys Fowler

Gardening writer and TV presenter Alys Fowler is offering British gardeners top tips to help our bees, as part of Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign to save vital bees that pollinate our food and make our countryside, parks and gardens thrive.

Gardeners are also being asked to help urge the Government to strengthen its plans to protect Briatain’s bee populations.

More than 20 UK bee species are already extinct and a quarter of those remaining are at risk – due mainly to their food and nesting sites disappearing, with 97% of wildflower meadows gone in the last 60 years.

Alys Fowler said:

Gardens are becoming one of the most important refuges for Britain’s wild and honey bees, providing chemical-free food, clean water and a place to nest.

The Government…

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Have Any Questions About Fortnum’s Bees?

This afternoon I spent some time trying to show a large and buzzy bumble bee how to leave my living room, that he’d entered by mistake, and return to the garden. Unfortunately he didn’t understand my directions.

I have read that bees don’t use sound to communicate but give each other instructions by doing a waggle dance. Even if I’d known the right waggle for ‘the door is behind you’ I doubt if he’d have realised that was what I was trying to convey – my dancing skills just aren’t that good.

Eventually, after flying round and round and banging his head against the window, he took a rest on a stair-tread and I was able to trap him in the spider jar, and carry him outside. Spiders are much easier to return to the great outdoors.

When I came across this post a little while later, it reminded me of my bee.

Have Any Questions About Fortnum’s Bees?.

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