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The Poetry Periscope

The periscope

If you’re in Birmingham or Durham over the next couple of months, you should look out for this strange beast.

It’s a sound installation called Poetry Periscope and it’s on a UK tour. It started it’s journey in April as part of the European Literature Festival, and it’s still going – unwearied and cheery in its yellowness.

It plays 30 poems from 30 European cultures. Each is played in its own language and in English translation. To stand in a shopping mall or railway station and listen to all that may be a bit much, but perhaps the commute to work or shopping trip can be enhanced by a couple of the recordings.

In addition to the Festival, a number of organisations are involved with the project including European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), The Poetry Society and Pianos on the Street.


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6 thoughts on “The Poetry Periscope

  1. Not sure this is the place to tell you but I have nominated you for the three quote challenge (see secondtymblogger) Julie

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  2. I followed the link to the British Library page, which shows the list of poems and poets. Daunting! I do like the concept, though, focusing one’s attention on the fact that, ultimately, poetry’s to be heard, not read. Funny to use “periscope” (a device for seeing) as the name for a listening device. Perhaps it had a different name in Czech, but I’ll credit it to typically arch eastern European irony. Thank you.

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  3. What a fun idea 😀

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