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Poetry and greenhouses


orchids in greenhouse

Wouldn’t if be wonderful to have the sort of greenhouse that could grow exotics like these orchids? But it would be a lot of work to look after, so I’m probably better off without.

Looking at the picture did make me wonder if there is any poetry about greenhouses, and, of course, there is. I found a whole page of them at Hello Poetry, starting with:

I like to think of people as a greenhouse
We are only a short moment in history
We can be radiant and beautiful …

apparently written by someone who signs himself ‘Drunken State’. I think one has to be a member of Hello Poetry to understand their system fully.

Theodore Roethke also wrote poems with greenhouses in them, though his seem to be more about memory than giving priority to the building.

It’s less effort, and less expense, to read web pages and admire photos than to care for a mass of unusual plants. But I’m really glad that someone takes the trouble.




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9 thoughts on “Poetry and greenhouses

  1. I have two orchids that flourish in my kitchen. They like the steam.
    As for poems about greenhouses – I have a wonderful book by Reginald Arkell published in 1934 called ‘Green Fingers.’ he writes:
    Easter Day
    The squire has got a greenhouse
    Where Easter lilies grow
    They stand beside the altar
    And make a lovely show
    While simple snowdrops that I send
    Are hidden at the other end.

    When I have got a greenhouse
    My flowers will be so fine
    The lilies at the altar
    Will every one be mine,
    And all the flowers that others send
    Will decorate the other end.

    When I was younger I used to recite his verses in public!

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  2. Lovely orchids, so fragile and fragrant.


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