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Juxtaposition – a new haiku challenge

Carpe Diem has started a series on haiku writing techniques. The first one is on ‘juxtaposition’. Reading the explanation, I realise that I’ve done this often in the past without naming it.

Having a name for something makes it easier to detect and to use properly, so I’m very grateful to Chèvrefeuille for his tutorial and the name.

The following is a haiku I wrote last year.

Soft rain, cloud-barred sun,
rainbow spanning the sky. Below,
the sandcastle crumbles.


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12 thoughts on “Juxtaposition – a new haiku challenge

  1. Despite past experiences, I keep building sand castles…

    Fragment of Paper


  2. Nice juxtaposed haiku


  3. magicalmysticalteacher on said:

    I’m afraid that every sand castle I’ve ever built has crumbled. That’s the way it goes!

    Holiday Garlands


  4. loved the contrast in this


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