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A different haiku challenge

The Carpe Diem site has several different challenges. The one I’m trying today is to complete a haiku given the middle line.

The given line is:

mists over the foreign highlands

Extra restrictions are that it must follow the classical form and use one more kigo (season word) for Autumn. ‘Mist’ is a classic Autumn word.

I looked up some kigo words and found them inspirational.

Now it is twilight;
mists over the foreign highlands
hide the harvest moon.

Although we only have to produce two lines, this challenge isn’t easy, but on the Carpe Diem site are links to a number of amazing poems it has inspired.


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12 thoughts on “A different haiku challenge

  1. A while back you stopped at my place for ‘CD’ companionship – but I couldn’t find any link for you at that site. So I am visiting this one.

    I enjoyed this too – but actually had no visitors here:

    but only if you have time…


  2. I agree with Lauren. I give you two thumps up.


  3. Wow! A really nice completion of this haiku … I thought it would be very difficult, but as I read all the responses it looks like an easy one …


  4. I think you met the challenge brilliantly! Beautiful haiku!


  5. I love this, bravo 🙂


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