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Haiku challenge from a ghost

Carpe Diem has given a complex challenge this time. It includes some imagined ghost writing by Basho.

As usual there are some inspired haiku to read based on his examples. The subjects are more diffuse than usual, but mainly revolve around spring.

I have followed the trend:

Each day a little
longer than yesterday: spring
grows into summer.


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9 thoughts on “Haiku challenge from a ghost

  1. Wonerful haiku … good to see you here again.


  2. Here in Sweden the morning are quite early by now.. around 3.30 am 🙂 but indeed the days are longer and I love it


  3. magicalmysticalteacher on said:

    Oh, thank goodness for lengthening days! (But I have to confess that I also like the long winter nights.)

    Psalm of Creation


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