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The programme is finalised… ta-dah !

An interesting literary festival in a lovely setting. I’d never heard of either the village or the festival before stumbling onto this blog. It just shows what can be found if one looks around.

Kempsford Political Literary Weekend 2014

So, the Kempsford Political Literary Weekend, or KLW for short (it can all get a bit wordy) is finally arranged. The theme does seem to have a political bent but there are some interludes to ease the pace. Running from 25th April through to Sunday 27th and all events taking place in St.Mary’s Church, Kempsford the line-up is as follows;

Friday 25th April:
4:30pm: ivor_crew_450Sir Ivor Crewe: The Blunders of our Government …. we all think they make a mess of it. Government, that is. Sir Ivor Crewe will prove it to you. Gasp in awe at the incredulouness of it all – laugh in despair.
6:00pm:  BarryNormanBarry Norman: See you in the Morning ….. who can say those words, Barry Norman, without humming the tune to “Film ..whatever” ? Here he talks about his book and his 53 year long marriage in a…

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2 thoughts on “The programme is finalised… ta-dah !

  1. Thanks for the re-blog …………. we need all the help we can get 😉


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