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National Libraries Day

Today is National Libraries Day and all over the UK there are special library events to celebrate it.N L D logo

Our country has so many libraries – public ones, schools and colleges, public and private institutions, commercial organisations, and all of them are worth celebrating.

While looking up local events and other library related things, I remembered that not all libraries are still around. Wikipedia has a long list of lost book collections. How much knowledge has gone up in smoke or been eaten by termites?

So along with celebration has to go determination to keep all that thought and creativeness safe.


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4 thoughts on “National Libraries Day

  1. I think we have a national library day here in the States too. I don’t remember when. But we face drastic closings do to fincial issues. Most of the libraries in my area are new the oldest opened in the early 60’s and undergoing an overhaul. We have the man library in Manhattan that’s old but in the 1800’sit was a weather reserve. The library in Brooklyn is old. I love the details and moldens. They mixed the modern with the old nicely. I like taking the laptop and go to write. Only the took the computer tables out while remodeling.


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