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Haiku prompt – Omsk

Today’s prompt from Carpe Diem is a place – Omsk in Siberia.

I found this a difficult prompt: I’ve never been to Russia so have no experience to draw on, but I’ve found pictures on the official website to give me an idea of what it’s like.

Coloured, onion domes,
office blocks, breeze-blown flags:
the Omsk summer skyline.


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7 thoughts on “Haiku prompt – Omsk

  1. Thank you for comment on “Rich Is Who You Have Beside You.”..


  2. Well … I am glad to see you here again … we are on a trip straight through the Soviet Union on board of the Trans Siberian Railroad with Paulo Coelho’s novel “Aleph” in hand as our guide. We are now in Omsk and that’s almost one third of the whole trip.
    What a nice haiku you have shared here … thanks for participating


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