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Merry Christmas

I’m typing this to the sound of church bells, one of my favourite sounds; it gives me a feel of cheerfulness.Arbol_Navidad_03

I wish all my readers a Merry Christmas. If it’s not a festival you keep, I hope you’re having a lovely day doing something else. If you’re alone, I wish you  a peaceful, cosy time with joyful thoughts to keep you company.

Not everyone is happy today – often with very good reason. May being surrounded by celebration  be a comfort to them.

Picture by Jorge Barrios from Wikimedia.


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5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. My camera instructions were in English also Spanish so we figured it out ..
    Now have to learn how to put pictures on computer.


  2. Thank you and happy Holidays To You as well.
    Spacenoodles ..From Outer Space.



    • Hi Spacenoodles, I hope you’re having a great holiday. In Britain the day after Christmas is also a holiday, so things are still peaceful here.


      • Had a good holiday…got a new camera for Christmas now have to learn how to use it..lots of buttons to push…will send you pictures of me riding on a $650,000 cotton picking machine while on vacation in south Georgia USA.


      • Thank you for the great pictures. The machine looks like it’d be fun but difficult to drive.
        Good luck with learning your new camera. When we got ours the instructions came in four languages – none of them English. I took the French ones and my husband took the German ones and we spent two days working them out. I hope yours is easier.


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