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For love of haiku – the value of silence

Once again the Carpe Diem blog has given us an interesting challenge, this time based on the work of haiku writer Hando (Fr. Thomas Hand).

This time rather than a subject we have been given a line as inspiration and challenge. The line is:

Sit in silence.

By itself it says a lot, and already several poets have added interesting interpretations. Here is my effort:

While tourists clatter
round their feet, carved pharaohs sit
in stone-wrought silence.


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13 thoughts on “For love of haiku – the value of silence

  1. 4joyjoanne on said:

    not much can disturb the Sphinx, either! well-done..


  2. If only the tourists would be a bit less noisy…..I like the picture you evoked with your words.


  3. Sounds magical in a sense..


  4. magicalmysticalteacher on said:

    I’m not sure who to pity more: the tourists or the pharaohs!

    Daily Quietude


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