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For the love of haiku – Nidhöggr and its music

The current haiku challenge on the Carpe Diem blog is a really different one this time; a piece of music called Nidhöggr. I enjoyed the music, but found using it as a haiku prompt quite difficult.

As far as I can find out, the Nidhöggr is some kind of dragon, popular in Scandinavian mythology.

The voices of rhythm
and melody, echo
the dragon’s heartbeat.


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8 thoughts on “For the love of haiku – Nidhöggr and its music

  1. I too like the echo of the dragon’s heartbeat. Epic line.


  2. Dragon’s heartbeat.. and indeed the dragon gnaw the roots of Yggdrasil…


  3. Look for A Lovely Thing on said:

    Oh how interesting. This morning when I was commenting on Carpe Diem I said the word nidhoggr evoked thoughts of Lord of the Rings and even mentioned dragons. I was more accurate than I realized.

    Lovely haiku.


  4. Love “the dragon’s heartbeat”…wonderful!


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