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For the love of haiku – fence

The current prompt on Carpe Diem‘s blog is ‘fence’. Like so many words in English it has several meanings. I have endeavoured to cover two of them.

The cat on the fence
sees the private garden, and
the public alley.

Time to fence – en garde.
Face to face my buttoned foil,
trembles in my hand.


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15 thoughts on “For the love of haiku – fence

  1. Love that you used fencing…I thought of it but I never did it. Very nice haiku.


  2. Nice round up of some of fence’s feel. Nice thoughts Harris!



  3. A well parried point
    very fun way to use the word


  4. Two different perspectives and both excellent!Loved this prompt with so many meanings-my mind was overflowing with ideas 😛


    • Thank you for your comment and sharing your enjoyment. I visited your sequence and was amazed at its variety and skill – your mind was indeed overflowing to great effect.


      • Well,it was a pleasure to read your work-am still learning:-)That’s such a beautiful compliment from you-thank you E A M Harris-it was just one of those crazy days 😛


  5. 4joyjoanne on said:

    no wonder why English is so difficult to learn! I enjoyed both immensely..well-done


    • Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. I agree with your point about English learning – remembering completely different meanings for the same word must be really difficult.


  6. Liked this a lot – thanks for sharing


  7. first brilliant- second had some humour, but wonderful description


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