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For the love of haiku – desert island.

The owner of blog Carpe Diem has sent us another great challenge, this time connected to a major cultural icon of the west – Robinson Crusoe. I have to admit that I’ve never read the book, nor even a proper synopsis of it. I’m grateful to Chèvrefeuille for his excellent summary of the plot.

The prompt is ‘desert island’. After thinking about it a bit I decided that the cartoon desert island was not going to inspire me to write anything. In fact I think that cartoons have their own kind of haikuness, in that they extract the essence from a momentary event, and in doing so say all that is necessary. Anything I could add would be both superfluous and cheeky.

But other haiku lovers had risen over this difficulty, and reading their poems made me realise that there is more than one kind of desert and more than one way to become a desert.

Recent events have given us a brand new desert island, so I decided to welcome it to the world:

Delivered by earthquake;
clothed only in sand and rock;
a newborn island.


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7 thoughts on “For the love of haiku – desert island.

  1. Wonderful haiku; loved it! Lauren 🙂


  2. Love this…so unique!


  3. What a wonderful post you have shared here. Your haiku is awesome, a gem.

    Kristjaan (Carpe Diem)


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