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30 Day Book Challenge – day 21: A guilty pleasure book

jewelled kitchen coverI don’t know why any book should be a guilty one – pornography perhaps.

A friend of mine at university, who was studying literature and reading many heavy novels, used to take time off every now and then to gorge on the tritest gothic romances. She seemed to consider this a ‘guilty pleasure’ as if she should have stuck to Dickens or Trollope.

I think the reading I would put close to this category is cookery books. I love finding exciting new recipes, working out how to adapt the meat ones to be vegetarian and  making out shopping lists of exotic ingredients. I imagine preparing curries that need spices I’ve never heard of, or baking (and eating) rich chocolate cakes.

Then I go into the kitchen and make the same stew I made last week.

Although they give me ideas for new ingredients and techniques to try, I rarely attempt the more esoteric recipes. The shopping lists get pruned to easily obtainable, and affordable, items, and next time we have a meal out we try a new restaurant that can give us Persian jewelled rice or Indonesian karedok – so much simpler than doing it myself.

The Jewelled Kitchen cover from Cherrapeno.


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2 thoughts on “30 Day Book Challenge – day 21: A guilty pleasure book

  1. I do the same. I collect recipes and say one day I’m going to make this or that. Then eye the same old boring food. Sigh!! One day.


    • ‘One day’ is a really useful date, isn’t it? I have a lot of things lined up for then, and new recipes are among the main ones. It’s great to know that others do the same – thank you so much for your comment.


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