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Haiku challenge – Kagura dance at night

This time Carpe Diem has  provided some fascinating information to go with the daily haiku challenge. Do go and look at the post and the video of classical Japanese dance – simplicity and gracefulness personified.

I really wanted to write about it:

Night falls; the dancers

glide onstage and pause – their first steps

held back for a heart beat.


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16 thoughts on “Haiku challenge – Kagura dance at night

  1. beautiful images.. You are very good with Haiku.
    groetjes, Francina


  2. Well written … touches the deeper layer of the haiku by Kikaku. As I saw that video of the dance I first thought at the wonderful world of the geisha, because the Miko or Maiko was the first stage before becoming geisha.


  3. The greater artists, the bigger pause… Beautiful!


  4. Wonderful to focus on the pause… digging down to the essence of it.


  5. Perfectly choreographed words!


  6. Very nice…held back for a heartbeat. Lovely words.


  7. Oh, this is wonderful. A precise and delicate moment captured


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