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Haiku challenge – Mystery

Today’s challenge is to write a haiku about Mystery. At first I thought this topic a bit abstract for haiku, but having read other peoples’ lovely ones I’m not sure (go to Carpe Diem for the list).

We are surrounded by mystery. The list of things we don’t know would fill a library the size of a planet. IMHO this is one of the wonderful things about existence. If we knew everything wouldn’t we die of boredom?

Here is my take on this challenge.

What’s in my cat’s mind

or around the corner are

as unknown as Mars.



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11 thoughts on “Haiku challenge – Mystery

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  2. Indeed. the mystery in the mind of another being,,, even human is forever a mystery.


  3. True mysteries!


  4. Like it! And so agree about the essential mysterious of cats….


  5. I am glad that you’ve tried to write a haiku on mystery. All the prompts for this month are maybe a bit abstract, but that’s a challenge. I like the way how you’ve written this haiku … and it’s full of mystery. If we knew all at forehand … then life would be very boring.


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