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Haiku challenge – the Gion festival

Today’s challenge is on the Gion Festival. I’d never heard of this event and am very grateful to Carpe Diem for his write-up on its history and modern manifestation.

Writing haiku about something I’ve not seen seems a bit of a cheat – after all one is supposed to be capturing a moment experienced. However, I have seen parades of floats elsewhere so will use those as a model.

A city en fête

in bright summer: luxurient

floats rumble by.


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10 thoughts on “Haiku challenge – the Gion festival

  1. Nice cultural references! PS how about this challenge..http://www.yakutia-coppercure.co.uk/haibun.html


    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I haven’t really got into haibun but will be interested to see what others do with the challenge. I’ve never heard of the Ligo and it sounds wonderful. Thank you for the link to such interesting stuff.


  2. 4joyjoanne on said:

    most cities and towns have some sort of summer ‘fete’, so we can all relate….


  3. This is exquisitely done 🙂


  4. magicalmysticalteacher on said:

    I never thought of floats rumbling before, but I guess some of them actually do!

    Summer Festival


    • Thank you for stopping by and comenting. The photos on Carpe Diem’s blog looked as if some of the floats are both large and old. I imagined them being pulled over cobbles on a horse-drawn cart with wooden wheels.


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