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Daily haiku challenge – Coffee

Today’s challenge is interesting in that it combines the natural (coffee trees) with the unnatural (beans roasted and turned into a drink). The blog Carpe Diem has some fascinating coffee info and lovely haiku.

Here is my effort:

in tropic fields

trees weighted with beans foretell

tomorrow’s harvest


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12 thoughts on “Daily haiku challenge – Coffee

  1. a healthy harvest
    you portray the scene well


  2. This feels lovely.


  3. That is a haiku I like. Waiting for the change…


  4. Many people are eagerly looking forward to that harvest!

    Yesterday’s Coffee


    • It’s a harvest which affects so many people – growers, sellers, imbibers and their families. A global community of coffee-lovers. Thank you for stopping by and remembering them as looking forward to the harvest.


  5. Awesome … the life of coffee caught in a few lines and words. Thank you for sharing.


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