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Love Mondays

I just posted the following on Twitter:

Today is Hug-a-Monday day – to show #Mondays they are appreciated.

It has occurred to me that some of my fellow bloggers may like an explanation.

Why appreciate Mondays? Because without them there would be no Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc up to Fridays. In other words no working week. Before I let out a cheer I realised this meant no jobs. And without a job I’d be financially and socially much worse off. Most of the things I own have been paid for by my work and many of my friends have been work colleagues.

So Hurrah! for Mondays.

On a much more serious note – without the working week there would be no weekends.

I realise that as an exercise in logic the above may not be perfect, but IMHO it’s good enough for first thing on a Monday morning.


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4 thoughts on “Love Mondays

  1. Being that I don’t work anymore. Everyday is the same except Sunday when the bus I take doesn’t run. 🙂


    • Does that mean you dislike Sundays? Or does it not affect you? My bus service is the same. Fortunately I can drive, though I prefer the bus. In some ways I think it’s quite nice that Sunday is still, in a few ways, different from the rest of the week.


      • No it doesn’t mean I dislike Sunday’s it’s just the only day I can distinguish from the others. 🙂 I don’t drive anymore but I do have a service that provides door to door service. I just have to make arrangements in advance.


      • In some ways it’s nice not to have to keep track of time. Before clocks and calendars everyone must have had the same experience. I’ve retired but haven’t yet shaken off the week pattern and still think of Mondays as the start of a working week, though in my case it means mainly that I can contact companies and not my working friends.


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