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Haiku challenge on dandelions (dent-de-lion flowers)

Visit Carpe Diem for some fascinating dandelion facts and some lovely haiku. Here is my attempt:

I didn’t plant those

lion’s teeth flowers, but still

rejoice to see them.

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10 thoughts on “Haiku challenge on dandelions (dent-de-lion flowers)

  1. In other words, you take what is given to you, with thanksgiving…

    Dandelion Season


  2. Some call them weeds
    I call them volunteers
    free flowers!


  3. Lion’s teeth flowers–clever namesake…nice haiku, I should say. 🙂


  4. What a wonderfully composed haiku. I like that ‘lion’s teeth’ name for the dandelions.


  5. Look for A Lovely Thing on said:

    I didn’t plant mine either but I’ve several prides out in the field. Lovely ‘ku.


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