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National Libraries Day (UK) on 9th February


Tomorrow is National Libraries Day. A day when we can celebrate those amazing collections that have inspired so much and given so many of us a haven of knowledge.

I love libraries – all of them – from the dark panelled, near silent enclosures where the spirits of past readers brood over me, to the modern, brightly lit, wide open ones where children sing and readers sit for hours in a cafe.

Tomorrow there are a range of special events (I’m going on a ‘backstage’ tour), and maybe someone who has never been in a library before will join in and discover something wonderful.



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2 thoughts on “National Libraries Day (UK) on 9th February

  1. Thank you for sending Nat’l Lib Day in UK sent it off to friends..

    What separates us from our contemporaries still swinging in trees is the library..

    “The Half Of Knowledge Is To Know Where To Find Knowledge”


    • I like your quote, thank you for it. I certainly felt that when I was in college and wondering where to begin looking in such a big library. It was long before the internet so I had to work out which books and journals to read and go get them off the shelves.


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