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For the love of haiku – embers

Thanks to Carpe Diem for the lovely idea of sharing haiku. In old Japan they use to hold haiku parties where poets would compose haiku to be shared at once. Carpe Diem has recreated this tradition for the modern age.

I’m not a great haiku writer, but here is my contribution:

I can remember

the look on your face as

the last ember winked out.


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20 thoughts on “For the love of haiku – embers

  1. Thank you for your reply:

    Parallel Universes; if they exist, the current theory is they most likely would be extremely hostile since the physics in our Universe would be much different in the neighboring universe i.e. gravity replaced my electromagnetic energy probably would not support planets orbiting a life giving star.

    Hank http://www.hcurci.wordpress.com


    • If the theory is right it doesn’t sound as if we’ll ever explore parallel universes. Even unmanned probes would find it difficult to cope with something so different. I personally prefer the theory that there are numerous parallel universes differing only slightly from ours – but this idea is probably out of date.


  2. Great one to begin with, i’d love to read more coming up.


  3. well i think it’s a great haiku with much feeling


  4. Oh that last line is excellent. Thank you 🙂


  5. I think this example is a unique example among all the original ideas on the prompt.


  6. This is terrific haiku!


  7. 4joyjoanne on said:

    perfect..,.love the winking ember….


  8. We had a go at Haiku writing at an evening class – a great challenge with different levels of success! Here is one of mine……
    Haiku, like you I
    Like to hike too, where to go
    Hiking – just us two


  9. Welcome at Carpe Diem’s daily haiku meme e.a.m. harris. I am glad that you have found your way to here. I am your host on Carpe Diem. What a nice first attempt to write haiku. This is a nice one. Hope that you will enjoy writing haiku and hope to see you here again. Thank you for sharing your haiku with us all on Carpe Diem.


  10. Like me, your thoughts flew to some connection in your world that seemed to be symbolised by the features of fire! Lovely!


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