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World Space Week

Although I realise that economic globalisation has bigtime downsides, I always feel all warm and cheery when I hear or read about major global culture that anyone anywhere can benefit from and enjoy.

I also have a long-term interest in space. I can remember the thrill I felt when I first discovered science-fiction on the shelves of my local library (quite a few years ago now).

So World Space Week is made for me. I can’t think why I’ve not heard about it before, given that it’s been going for several years.

This year’s focus is particularly interesting – it zooms in on the use of space technology to help organise aid to disaster areas and pinpoint people at risk. Since the charter underlying the sharing principles that make this possible was signed, it has been activated about 200 times. Thousands owe their lives to those eyes in space.

The website has a lot of detail and is well worth a read.


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4 thoughts on “World Space Week

  1. 1961. An important year. Yuri Gagarin is first man in space and yours truly is born. He’s always been a hero of mine, more than any of the American astronauts.


    • Congratulations to your parents on giving you such a memorable birth year. Gagarin was one of the bravest – as far as I remember no one really knew what would happen to someone in space. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Thank you for Space Week note, I sent it on to friends..a subject close to my interests. http://www.spacenoodles.com


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