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Man Booker prize shortlist

As the BBC website states, this year’s shortlist

… has shone a spotlight on the role of independent publishers.

This is great news, both for readers and writers.

The indies are becoming the home of risky, oddball, non-standard fiction and as readers we should celebrate them for keeping variety and the unusual available to us.

As writers they offer publishing for some books that are not suitable for the big, mass-market publishers.

This is not to say I don’t appreciate the work of all publishers – they keep a great tradition going in difficult times and bravely compete with television, film, computer games, and who-knows-whats just around the corner of the future.

In the very near future we’ll know who’s won the prize, and hence greater sales, prestige etc for themselves and their publisher.

The shortlist is:

  • Tan Twan Eng – The Garden of Evening Mists
  • Deborah Levy – Swimming Home
  • Hilary Mantel – Bring Up the Bodies
  • Alison Moore – The Lighthouse
  • Will Self – Umbrella
  • Jeet Thayil – Narcopolis

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4 thoughts on “Man Booker prize shortlist

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    • I know the feeling of so many books, but I look on the brightish side – I have a whole year to read the six Booker books before the next six are announced. But I have to fit in all the others somehow!


  2. Chris Mills on said:

    I’m reading ‘Bring up the Bodies’ at the moment – don’t want to put it down1


    • I read ‘Wolf Hall’ and quite liked it, but found it a bit detailed. I assume ‘Bring up the Bodies’ is similar, but perhaps without so much background. ‘Wolf Hall’ was interesting and had a newish take on Cromwell that I liked. Thank you for reminding me of it and its good points.


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