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Scottish crime: ‘Cradle to Grave’ by Aline Templeton

I’ve just finished reading this novel and while it’s by no means perfect, I enjoyed it and found it gripping.

It’s set in a small town and surrounding countryside in Scotland and the author takes full advantage of the Scottish scenery and weather.

The story follows two main threads: the death (before the book starts) of a baby followed by the acquittal of the nanny accused of the crime, and the major international crime some of the suspects take part in.

Although there are several murders, most of the violence takes place offstage.

In addition several of the police people have private troubles to cope with.

There are quite a number of points of view, but they are well handled so it’s always clear whose eyes we see things through.

It’s an energetic mélange of action and speculation that holds the attention and saves a few unanswered questions right to the last page.


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6 thoughts on “Scottish crime: ‘Cradle to Grave’ by Aline Templeton

  1. Sìle on said:

    Oh, thanks to your commenting on my post, I read your blog and have found another crime fiction writer to go on my “wish list”. Thank you.


  2. I love police procedural novels and crime fiction–any other authors you recommend?


    • Thank you for your comment and question.
      There are so many good crime writers out there and I am by no means an expert. I’ve read a few of Sheila Quigley’s books which are good on police work and usually have a strong female detective. I recently read ‘Murder in Mind’ by Lyndon Stacey which was quite atmospheric, and I have an Ian Rankin ‘Rebus’ in my waiting-to-be-read pile.
      The Scandinavians are interesting – there are lots of websites covering their work.
      A look at the Crimefest site might give you some ideas. http://www.crimefest.com/attend.html


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