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This is London Book Fair month

It’s one of the world’s major book events and will set what we’ll be reading and reading about for the next several months.

A number of self-published writers have shared their experiences of going there. It sounds scary and tiring. I wish anyone who is going the best of luck with whatever they are trying to achieve. If anyone does go, I’d love to hear about it.

There’s a programme of events, and this year one of them is called Digital Minds Conference. As I’m working towards e-publishing one of my books, it seems interesting, but is probably more in depth than I’ll ever need or want. It’s aimed at those seriously operating within the industry, with talks on business models for the digital age, changing roles of agents, authors et al, predictions of consumer spending and similar.

Looking at this conference and other seminar titles, I’m reminded that more goes on in the world of publishing than readers are usually aware of.

The fair is at Earls Court, London on 16 – 18 April.


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10 thoughts on “This is London Book Fair month

  1. Ooh- what sort of book are you publishing?


  2. Good luck and much success with your book publishing.


  3. I went to a big book fair in New York one time trying to sell my SCIFI ebooks and it was a Zoo..influencing a major publishing house was next to zero.

    I self publish my SCIFI Ebooks at lightningsource.com.. they are quite good and transfer my book sales directly to my bank account.

    Good luck on your new book..



    • I can imagine the scrimmage at one of the fairs. And the difficulty of getting people to listen to one. I think one of the problems is that most people are there to sell rather than buy. Did you find it an interesting, if not profitable, experience?


      • Yes, I’m glad I went if only to see the maze one has to travel through to get published.

        Now when I send a book off to a publisher I know what is going on knowing my chances of even getting read is slim..but I do it anyway..

        I am amazed that Harry Potter did as well as she did..there had to be a very wierd set of timing happening once in a century for her to penatrate the endless maze…but it does happen…


  4. Good luck blessings on your book publication 🙂


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