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A lot of work ahead

Some time ago I decided to publish one of my books as an ebook. There are several companies doing a free ebook service so I thought, ‘Why not!’

I wanted the final book to be as professional as possible so I sent the manuscript off to a copy editor. Someone had to find those typos and misplaced commas, and I knew I wasn’t going to see them.

Today it came back, duly marked up with suggestions and corrections. There aren’t as many blue (suggestions) and red (corrections) marks as I’d expected, but still enough to keep me busy making changes for some time.

I’ve found the whole experience very useful. The style sheet she did will come in handy. Then there are the bits she didn’t understand and the bits she thought readers might find annoying and the suggestions she made for putting these right. We’ve had numerous phone calls and emails over the past couple of weeks and they’ve all been fruitful.

Has anyone else been through a similar process? Did you find it useful? or scary – all those mistakes?


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5 thoughts on “A lot of work ahead

  1. My editor used to tell me if the people in my books weren’t talking in character as well as finding punctuation and typing errors. I agreed with almost every change she suggested.Even the length wasn’t right so I added more story. Funny,that, most people have to cut, cut, cut. The next book will be an e-book but not for a couple of years. I’m too busy giving readings and talks at present. Nice chatting.J.


  2. I have been through the book editing process and yes lots of red marks..it was helpfill and led to a lot of rework work… I now have six ebooks on the internet at:


    • Thank you for your comment. It’s nice to know others have found it useful. I’m a long way off six books, but I think what I’ve learned this time will stand me in good stead in the future.


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