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Once again with feeling – and not too many clothes

So Gypsy Rose Lee is to hit the big screen again.

I’ve never seen her film or TV appearances nor any of her biopics or bio-stage shows nor have I read the famous autobiography, so I don’t really know what the attraction is.

Surely a pushy mother and an ability to take off her clothes with elegance can’t be the only reasons for her popularity.

Checking around the internet, I discovered that she wrote several books, including a couple of crime stories, and a play. She also knew a thing or two about art and amassed a considerable collection. Obviously a multi-talented lady.

The money she made in burlesque no doubt put her in a position to develop her other talents.

I like this quote from The Wall Street Journal:

Gypsy Rose Lee’s inimitable burlesque act won her fame, but her classic memoir is what made her immortal.

So it is for her writing that she continues to be famous. I don’t wonder so many celebrities publish their autobiographies, perhaps in the hope a good book will keep their name alive. Who wouldn’t want to have musicals, books, films, exhibitions and umpteen web-sites commemorating them long after their death?


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5 thoughts on “Once again with feeling – and not too many clothes

  1. The road to fame and fortune…

    Both P.T. Barnum and Frank Sinatra once said, “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU, AS LONG AS THEY SAY IT”.


    • Thank you for the comment.
      I think there may be a division in the world on the matter of your quote – those who are with Barnum and Sinatra versus those who’ll sue anyone who says something they don’t like.


      • Yes, you are correct about happy law suit people..I have known a few.

        However it is quite expensive to sue someone i.e. Lawyer fees, court costs and then the counter suit to deal with..better off becoming rich and famous on negative verbage than looking the gift horse in the mouth …so to speak.


      • A good point about the expense. I think I would take the gift horse route if I ever got to the stage of people saying things about me.


      • A wise decision…Carrying a few emotional scars while laughing all the way to the bank sounds appealing to me since the joke is on your adversaries..


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